Pioneering Achievement Award
The Pioneering Achievement Award is presented at the International Conference on Computer Aided Design, and generally includes a videotaped lecture and discussion. The awards recognize early work in computing, with an emphasis on research that has had a direct impact on integrated circuit design and electronic design automation.

  • 2007: Dr. Gene Amdahl

    Invited Lecture by Gene Amdahl on the 40th Anniversary of Amdahl's Law (video)
    Can We Still Keep the Faith? A Devate on the Future of Multi-Core Systems with Richard Goering, John Gustafson, Arvind, Gary Smith, Kunle Olukotun, Gene Amdahl, Patrick H. Madden
    Dr. Amdahl is best known for Amdahl's Law, which places a limit on the achievable speedup for a parallel computing system. He is also a legendary designer of mainframe computer systems.
  • 2008: Prof. Edward J. McCluskey
    Invited Lecture
    Tributes to Prof. Edward J. McCluskey with Robert K. Brayton, Bernard Courtois, Giovanni De Micheli, Ravishankar K. Iyer, Danile P. Siewiorek, Tom Williams, Yervant Zorian.
    Prof. McCluskey is well known for his work on circuit simplification (especially the Quinn-McCluskey algorithm). His work has been pivotal to logic synthesis.
  • 2009: Prof. Martin Davis
    Prof. Davis is best known for the Davis-Putnam algorithm, and the later Davis-Putnam-Logemann-Loveland algorithm. These algorithms perform satisfiability checking, a key element in logic simplification and verification methods.