Who's Who


Executive Committee

  Chair Xiaobo Sharon Hu
  Vice Chair and Conference Chair Joerg Henkel
  Past Chair Vijaykrishnan Narayanan
  Award Chair David Pan
  Finance Chair Helen Li
  Technical Activity Chair Yiran Chen
  Education Chair Yiyu Shi


Advisory Board Members Acting as Conference Representatives

(to be updated)

  DAC Vijaykrishnan Narayanan
  ICCAD Yuan Xie
  DATE Joerg Henkel
  ASPDAC Yiran Chen


SIGDA Members in Charge of Programs

(to be updated)

  TODAES EIC Naehyuck Chang
  DA Summer School Eli Bozorgzadeh
  SIGDA E-Newsletter Aida Todri-SanialYu Wang
  CADathlon Myung-Chul Kim
  DAC Ph.D. Forum Sudeep Pasricha
  DATE Ph.D. Forum Rolf Drechsler
  ASPDAC Ph.D. Forum Yiran Chen
  Student Research Competition Cheng Zhuo
  University Research Demonstration Qi Zhu
  EDA Young Faculty Workshop Jinjun XiongEli BozorgzadehSteve LevitanSoha Hassoun
  SIGDA LIVE Yiyu ShiQinru Qiu


ACM Staff Acting as Program Director(s) for SIGDA

  Donna Cappo
Association for Computing Machinery
2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701
New York, NY, 10121
212-626-0614 (p)
212-302-5826 (f)
All general SIGDA activities, SIGDA program manager

Website Administrator

Bei Yu


Interested in becoming a Volunteer of SIGDA?

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