SIGDA Diversity Advancement Grants 2019


SIGDA Diversity Committee


  Evangeline Young (CUHK) -- Chair  
  Iris Bahar (Brown Univ.)
  Laleh Behjat (Univ. of Calgary)
  Patrick Groeneveld (Cadence)
  Iris Jiang (NTU)
  Raewadee Parnmukh (SiFive)
  Laura Pozzi (USI)
  Ricardo Reis (UFRGS, Brazil)
  Ulf Schlichtmann (TUM)
  Xuan Zeng (Fudan)

The SIGDA Diversity Committee was set up in year 2019 with an objective to enhance diversity in EDA, and to supporting a vibrant and diverse group of professionals. Diversity is a critical driver of innovation and leads to more robust problem-solving and creativity in engineering and computer science. The SIGDA Diversity Advancement Grants are provided to students who are travelling to the SIGDA sponsored conferences. These awards are intended to increase the participation and inclusion of under-represented groups in SIGDA and support student success.
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